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exogears2 demo

ExoGears 2 Android iOS Gameplay

ExoGears (by Zombot Studio Inc.) - iOS / Android - HD (Sneak Peek) Gameplay Trailer

Battle against other players online – in space! Build and customize your mech warrior and team up to fight 1vs1 and 3vs3 battles in real-time to become the most powerful soldier in the galaxy!

Explore a war-torn galaxy ripe for the conquering! ExoGears 2 puts you in charge of a notorious mercenary ship and its crew as you traverse deep space and build the ultimate mech warrior!

Build your ship and train your crew to become the most feared and formidable force in the entire galaxy. Collect parts from your fallen enemies and use them to engineer hundreds of different upgrades to customize your Exo suit and its abilities.

Use your ExoGear to engage in action-packed mech-on-mech combat in deep space battle arenas. Conquer your opponents utilizing your reflexes, strength and tactical skills. Fight in 1vs1 or 3vs3 battles against other players and vanquish your foes!

- Customize your ExoGear with HUNDREDS of parts and upgrades
- Create your own unique combat strategies using a huge arsenal of weapons and abilities
- Enhance your ship and train your crew to improve their abilities
- Explore the galaxy to discover new worlds and environments
- Challenge players across the globe to epic duels and put your Exo to the test
- Forge alliances and take over the galaxy together
- Embark on an epic campaign to take back the universe

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Note: A stable network connection is required to play. In case of any problems please contact us at info@zombotstudio.com.

Base Combat:
— Network sync improvement.
— Added 3 new blades and 4 new guns.
— Improved combo system.
— 3v3 mode is being reworked.
— Added 2v2 Combat mode.
Meta game:
— Removed Resource storage limit for resource.
— Added functionality to claim resource in Crew Rooms
— Parts stats balancing
— Added Black Market Shop
— Added Bounty System for daily and weekly quests.
— Overall UI improvement
— Added Selectable chat channels
— Various Data bug fixes and improvements